Director Ashvin Kumar won the National award for Inshallah Football
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Good sense has finally prevailed. Embroiled in controversy regarding the content, the film Inshallah Football, which presents the human face of the Kashmir conflict, has won the National Award.

“This award is dedicated to the people of Kashmir, whose voice have been stifled in mainstream discourse in our country. We must acknowledge the dreams and desires of our fellow citizens in Kashmir, if we are to have reconciliation. It is a coming-of-age for our democracy that a temporary ban imposed on this film last year is reviewed and revised by the nation’s top honour for cinema. Inshallah, I would request the Indian Censors now to review its ‘A’ certificate so that the nation is not denied the opportunity to understand who our fellow citizens in Kashmir are and why they are unhappy with our presence there,” says director Ashvin Kumar.

Elaborating further, he beseeches the authorities to come to the rescue of coach Juan Marco Troia who is the star of this film. He has been banned by the football association of Jammu & Kashmir. The director feels that Juan has been a guiding light to scores of young footballers.

“I request the authorities in Srinagar to come to his aid and rescue his training and football club from vested interests ,” says the director.

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